Blacklick TNT Jays Collegiate


  • Michael Amam Senior Bluffton University

  • Parker Brown Sophomore Muskingum University

  • Jake Norris Sophomore Muskingum University

  • Wally Jacobs Sophomore Urbana University

  • Collin Bobo Junior Miami Hamilton
  • Dylan Carr Sophomore Wooster
  • Shane Gray Sophomore University of Evansville
  • Thomas Gallant Sophomore Mount Union College
  • Catchers

  • Isaiah Winters Sophomore Tiffin University
  • James Bartman Freshman UCSB
  • Outfielders

  • Kenny Pettay Junior Ohio Dominican University

  • Marcus Tyler Sophomore Muskingum University

  • Daniel Fairchild (P) Sophomore Univerity of FIndlay

  • Nick Whetnall Senior Tiffin University

    Middle Infielders

  • Tyer Chumita Sophomore Wooster University
  • Trey Yoder Sophomore Muskingum University

  • Zach Schone Sophomore Ohio Dominican University

  • Andrew Whetsell (P) Freshman Marietta College

  • Corner Infielders

  • Caleb Scott Sophomore Eastern Gateway CC

  • Zach Ullom Junior Muskingum University

  • Brendan Stinson Sophomore Capital University
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  • Schedule


    11-11 (4th)

    May 30th

    Vs Columbus TNT Knights 6:00pm

    Blacklick Elementary

    W 5-1

    May 31st

    @ Newark Vodoo 7:15pm

    Don Edwards

    June 1st

    Zanesville 1:00

    Watkins Memorial High School

    W 6-5

    June 3rd

    @ Jets 6:15

    Dublin Coffman High School

    W 12-5

    June 4th

    @ Newark Vodoo 7:15pm

    Don Edwards

    W 1-0

    June 8th

    Chillicothe Capitals 1:00 DH

    Blacklick Elementary

    W 10-7 W 7-1

    June 10th

    @ Columbus Jets 6:00

    Dublin Coffman high School

    W 15-6

    June 11th

    Columbus TNT Knights 6:00pm

    Blacklic Elementary

    L 1-9

    June 12th

    @ Braves 6:15pm

    Northland High School

    June 13th

    @ Chillicothe Capitals 6:15pm

    VA Memorial Stadium

    W 7-5

    June 18th

    vs. Bruins 6:15pm

    Blacklick Elementary

    L 4-5

    June 20th

    @ Zanesville Pioneers 7:30pm

    Gant Stadium

    W 12-6

    June 22nd

    @ Chillicothe Capitals 1:00pm

    Unioto High School

    W 7-3

    June 25th

    Braves 6:15pm

    Blacklick Elemenary

    L 9-14

    June 26th

    @ Bruins 6:15pm

    Watkins Memorial

    L 2-8

    June 27th

    Bruins 6:15pm

    Blacklick Elementary

    L 3-5

    June 29th

    Jets DH 1:00

    Blacklick Elementay

    L 3-13 L7-8

    July 1st

    @ Braves 6:15pm

    July 2nd

    Zanesville Pioneers

    L 0-3

    Whetstone High School

    July 6th

    Newark Vodoo 12:00 DH

    Blacklick Elementary

    W 1-0 W 1-0

    July 9th

    Braves 6:00

    Olentangy Orange High School

    W 10-7

    July 10th

    @ Bruins 6:15pm

    L 3-13

    July 16th

    @ Zanesville Pioneers 6:00pm

    Zanesville High School

    W 11-7

    July 20th-26th

    OICBA Tournament Championship

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