Our Story

Locally Owned, Founded, and Operated.

Founded in 2010 by Daniel LePera and Jason Mitchell. We started out as strictly a training facility in Worthington, Ohio. Both Jason and I were former Baseball players so we started to see more and more baseball players coming into our facility for training and baseball lessons. In 2013, Jason decided to leave TNT behind to pursue his masters degree. In 2014 we moved to our new facility and with the help of Mike Golom, former ballplayer and IMG Instructor, started the Baseball Academy. That summer we started the Summer Developmental Program with an emphasis on daily training and practice. For the past two years we have worked with numerous ballplayers from 8 year olds to minor league ballplayers. This summer we have added two travel teams staying true to our developmental approach. In addition to Baseball training, lessons, and travel teams we offer sport specific strength and conditioning for all ages and offer personal and group training for adults and teams.

Our Future

In 2017 we will add 2-3 more travel teams to our program, eventually leading to a total of 10 teams. When we outgrow our ~4,000 sq. ft. facility and look to expand, our vision is to bring a dedicated indoor and outdoor Baseball facility to Central Ohio. An indoor facility with a full infield and an outdoor complex complete with 4+ fields to accomodate our teams, host tournaments, instructional camps, and provide a unique atmosphere to all of our ballplayers .


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